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More questions?

If you still have comments or questions about paying your rent after reading through the information below, contact Affiliated Management's accounting department M-F 9am-5pm at 973-992-1555. On the phone system menu, listen for Accounting Department, Accounts Receivable, Pay Rent, or something like that - the menu options change from time to time.

New tenants

Security Deposit

Your security deposit must be paid in person, handled to a Resident Manager, and be a money order or bank check. No cash. That is done when you sign the lease for the apartment.

1st Month's Rent

If you are moving in soon, the 1st month's rent is paid in person, handed to a Resident Manager, and can be a money order or personal check. No cash. That is done when you get the keys. If you are getting the keys on the 1st, then you pay for the full month. If you are moving in on any other day, you pay the pro-rated amount for the day you get the keys to the end of the month. If close to the end of the month, you may also need to pay for the following month.


Other than the security deposit and 1st month's rent, the Resident Managers can not accept any other rent payments.

Pay Rent Online

[Pay rent]

To sign up or to make a payment, go to and click/tap on the PAY YOUR RENT image, then click/tap Caldwell House.

If the Affiliated Management site is inaccessible, click/tap on the PAY YOUR RENT image here, which should go there directly. Do not bookmark/favorite that link, it may change in the future.

To register for a new account, you will need the T012XXX account number from a rent bill. If you have not yet received your first rent bill, or if you no longer have any of them, contact the Affiliated Management accounting department.

Any web page with in the address is the old online payment service used through the end of 2015. Any payments submitted through that one will be rejected.

[Android app]
[Apple iOS app]

Once you register on the online payment web site, from then on you can use the web site or the Android (Google) or iOS (Apple) apps.

Pay Rent By Phone

Sorry, paying rent by phone is no longer available as of January 2016.

Pay Rent By Mail

Due to an Affiliated Management computer system update, effective the end of December 2015, the rent bill that you receive will have a different layout from previous ones. Now you tear off the smaller right-side to keep for your records, and mail in the larger left side with payment - it says which side to keep on it.

If you think your rent payment would be late with regular postal mail, you can use USPS PriorityMail or a UPS or FedEx envelope shipment to get it to the Affiliated Management office sooner.

If none of those are possible, see Pay Rent in Person below.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is where you set up automatic payments with your bank's web site or smart phone/tablet app, and then your bank prints and mails a check for you. If you would like to pay rent this way, use the following mailing address. Note: This address has changed as of November 1, 2015. Only use this address for Bill Pay or mailing in rent with the rent bill mail-in portion.

You should set up the Bill Pay to put your "Acct No" (e.g. T012XXXX) from the rent bill, "CH" and your apartment in memo. This tells the bank that receives the payment, what account, property, and apartment it should be applied to. Example:

Memo: T012XXXX CH A9

Bill Pay should mail the check to:

Affiliated Management
PO Box 24007
Newark, NJ 07101-0406

This PO Box address does not go to Affiliated Management, it is a bank "lockbox" that processes payments.

Pay Rent in Person

Note: Other than security deposit and first month's rent when you move in, the Resident Managers can not accept rent payments.

If you can not pay your rent online, by mail, or by UPS/FedEx envelope shipment, you can do so at the Affiliated Management office M-F 9am-5pm.

The office is located diagonally across the street from the original 7-Eleven (not the one in the Town Center) and across the street from Kings supermarket in Livingston. It is located in the Sovereign Bank building at the corner of S Livingston Ave and W Oakwood Ave. The parking lot is off of Oakwood. Years ago the office was in Suite 105 at the same address, it is now in Suite 201.

Affiliated Management
301 S Livingston Ave
Suite 201
Livingston, NJ 07039

Parking Permits

If you have a parking permit, that should be added as an item on your apartment rent bill. If it is missing, contact the Affiliated Management accounting department: 973-992-1555.