* Affiliated Management office will be closed on Friday, April 19th

Below is the most current information about apartment availability at Caldwell House. If you have any questions that are not answered on this web site, contact the Resident Managers.

If the type of apartment that you are looking for is not listed, we can add you to a waiting list of people to be contacted when one becomes available in our building.

Sorry, all of our apartments are currently leased and no one is set to move out.

Check back later, this page is updated by the Resident Managers on the same day that we find out that someone is moving out.

To find out what other Affiliated Management properties have openings available, either e-mail webrentals at affiliatedmgmt dot com, or call 973-992-1555 (M-F) and select the Rentals extension. For a list of properties, go to www.affiliatedmgmt.com

Affiliated Management can provide a list of properties with openings, but you will need to contact the property directly to make an appointment to see and apply for an available apartment.

Here are some other Affiliated Management managed properties near Caldwell House. Call to schedule an appointment (don't just go there).

To see a list of other properties in the area: