Contact us any time you lose something. We can keep an eye out for it if we don't have it already.

If we know who's it is, we'll contact them. If not, we will gather up items dropped by mistake, abandoned on purpose, given to us by other residents, or left in an area that is not allowed. Some examples:

All of these things will be stored in a locked utility room for 7 days. After that, they are gone forever. Even if it is still listed here, on the 7th day after the listed "Date found", we do not have it any more.

This is a very basic list on purpose, in case your lost item is expensive or embarassing. If you lost an item and it is listed here, contact the Resident Managers to get it back.

Things that were claimed will be crossed-out or removed from the list.

Date foundLocation foundDescription
May 7th (when it was bagged up)Laundry room tableLoad of laundry left for days
May 9thLaundry room tableDryer sheets, sock
May 24th"C" floor hallway
Near the front-end fire door
Rubber leg to something
June 4th Laundry room floor One sock
June 11th or 12thOutside benchMetal butterfly
June 18thFoyerUmbrella
June 24thOutside benchMini frisbee
July 2ndSteps near back doorSingle "Jersey" glove
July 2ndLaundry roomUnderwear

Caldwell House - FAQ: Can I leave boots (or anything else) in the hallway?