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I found this site through a search engine, what is Caldwell House?

Caldwell House is a rental apartment building in Caldwell, New Jersey, USA.

We are not affiliated with:

If you are looking for another town/borough/village/hamlet/whatever named Caldwell, try Wikipedia's list:
There are Caldwells in Great Britain, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Kansas, a parish in LA, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, ...

See also: Is the Caldwell House building in Caldwell or West Caldwell?

Yes. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee that goes directly to this property. The fee covers the cost of the credit check.

The fee is required for each person that would be living in the apartment, including children that are 18 or older.

The application must be filled out in-person, at an appointment scheduled in advance, with one or both Resident Managers. Every applicant must be there in-person. If there are two applicants that can not come at the same time, two appointments is OK, but the application is not complete, and will not be submitted, until both applicants have completed the application in full.

There is no 3rd party involvement. The application is done in-person with one or both of the live-in Resident Managers. We can not provide an application for you to complete elsewhere.

If applying, bring with you:

  • Your own contact info
  • Info about all provable income, paystubs if necessary
  • Employer contact info
  • Vehicle info - if it would be parked here

1 and ½ month's rent. You pay this when you sign the lease.

Heat, hot water, & gas.

All apartments have baseboard heat. Gas is used by the range (oven/stove).

You would need to pay a PSE&G electric bill and whatever telephone, TV, and Internet access services you get.

The rent for each specific apartment is different depending on whether or not it was renovated and other factors. If there are any openings (see the Openings page), you'll find information specific to each available apartment there.

When you move in to an apartment, the first month's rent is the pro-rated amount for the part of that month that you'd be living there. If you move in on the 15th, you pay for that day and the rest of that month. You pay this when you get the keys.

If you're driving, routes 46, 80, 280, and 23 are nearby. Bloomfield Ave westbound merges in to route 46 (straight = west, curve right = north/east).

NJ Transit and DeCamp bus lines go down Bloomfield Ave. Last time we checked, NJ Transit goes to Newark Penn Station via two different routes, DeCamp goes to PABT or Wall Street in Manhattan.

We're not too far from NJ Transit train stations in the area: 4.79 miles to Walnut Street (Montclair), 5.2 miles to Little Falls (which has a limited schedule).

The Caldwell Jitney goes from the Smull Ave parking lot in Caldwell (behind the movie theater) to the Bay Street train station in Montclair.

You can catch an express bus to PABT in NYC from The Willowbrook Mall, which is 4 or 5 miles from here.

If you take 280 East to Newark Penn Station, which is approximately 14 miles from here, you can take several NJ Transit trains & busses, the PATH train, and Amtrak trains.

If you take 280 East to the Harrison PATH station, which is close to Newark Penn Station, but less crowded and has large parking lots around it, you can take the the PATH train from there.

If you take 280 East to NJ Turnpike north to exit 15X (one exit away), which is approximately 20 miles from here, you can take many different NJ Transit train lines and busses:
Secaucus Junction (Frank R Lautenberg Rail Station)

If you take 280 east to the Garden State Parkway south to to the Metropark Station, which is approximately 30 miles from here, you can take Amtrak and NJ Transit trains.

There's always Caldwell Taxi too. Out of 5-10 trips, we have only had a problem with them once, and it was due to snow.

For more info, check the directions page.


The Caldwell House property is located in The Borough of Caldwell, Essex County, State of New Jersey, USA.

If you are looking for another Caldwell, try Wikipedia's list:
(Great Britain, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Kansas, a parish in LA, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, ...)

We are at the absolute western end of Caldwell. The building next door (551) is actually in West Caldwell.

If you live in Caldwell, you'll notice that some of your mail is addressed to West Caldwell, other mail to Caldwell. This is because Caldwell and West Caldwell (and North Caldwell too) share the 07006 Zip Code. Some companies look up the zip code and blindly use the last result in the list. Addresses do not repeat, so no harm done if someone sends mail to this address but uses West Caldwell instead.

When setting up new or transferring existing electricity, phone, TV, Internet access, and other services, keep this in mind. If they can not find your address in Caldwell, have them try West Caldwell too, even though that is incorrect.

If you live here, make sure you call Caldwell Borough Hall, the Caldwell Police Department, the Caldwell Fire Department, and other organizations for Caldwell - not West Caldwell.

You can get a full validated USPS address by going to the USPS web site and using their Zip Code™ lookup.

There are 24 apartments in the building. 3 floors (not including basement), 8 apartments on each floor.

We have 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Some buildings have small or large ones, ours are all the same size. The only difference is that ½ have the reverse layout. We do not have any studio apartments.

All of our apartments have one bathroom and a galley kitchen with open living room and dining room areas.

These are approximate measurements based on the non-scale floor plans that the Resident Managers created:

  • 1 bedroom:
    • Total: 687 square feet
    • Bedroom: ~ 13'7" x 12'1" (164 sq. ft.)
    • # closets: 2
  • 2 bedroom:
    • Total: 868 square feet
    • Bedrooms: ~ 13'7" x 10'10" (147 sq. ft.), 11'4" x 12'1" (137 sq. ft.)
    • # closets: 4

See also: Do you have a floor plan?

The Resident Managers, who are definitely not architects, created rough floorplans:

There are three apartments in the building that do not follow the floor plan, we can give you approximate dimensions if you are looking at one of those.

If your web browser scales-down the image and gives you a mouse pointer that looks like a magnifying glass, click on the image to view it at full-size.

See also: What types of apartments are there? / How many? / Any studio apartments? (square footage is there)

Yes, there is a 24/7 laundry room in the basement with coin-op machines.

If necessary, you can also go to one of these nearby laundromats as well:

  • Neighborhood Laundry, 550 Passaic Ave, West Caldwell
    Near the S.E. corner of Bloomfield Ave. and Passaic Ave.
    In order: CVS, The Doctor's Office (urgent care), Glaze Donuts, Neighborhood Laundry, Train Diner, Starbucks
    Last check: They're open Sun-Sat from 6am to 11pm, last wash is 10pm
    Formerly known as Econ-o-Wash
  • Towne Laundromat & Dry Cleaners, 309 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell
    On the north side of Bloomfield Ave. near the Roseland Ave. intersection
    Last check: During the week they're open at 6am and last wash is 8:30pm

For a list of some of the NJ and NYC-area newspapers, see the Info & Links Links/Info page

Each paper for the building will be in a plastic bag, usually with each apartment number written on it. Depending on how early you check, you'll either find the newspapers outside the front door or inside by the mailboxes.

For a list of some of the NJ and NYC-area newspapers, including The Progress, see the Info & Links Links/Info page

The Progress will be in your mailbox on Thursday, or you can get an electronic subscription, or both.

Sorry, no. Mounting a dish (or anything else) anywhere outside of your apartment is not allowed. This includes the side of the building, the roof, fire escapes, and poles in the ground. If you can somehow put a dish 100% inside your apartment, that of course would be fine, but you'd be the first.

Even though the old rabbit ears antennas are not in use too much any more, nowadays there are all kinds of TV antennas that can pick up HDTV, and many TV stations broadcast their digital signal over-the-air. If you can pick up their signal, you can have free TV after paying the cost of the antenna... and the TV.

Unfortunately, where we are physically located, it will probably not work very well here. We are at the bottom of a hill, and NYC is on the other side.

Even a good indoor antenna like the Mohu Leaf will probably only get you a few channels, some not in English, but very few, if any, of the NYC-based network ones: CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, My9, CW11.

Dial-up, Verizon DSL, Comcast Xfinity, and Verizon FiOS are available.

Don't get dial-up.

Verizon DSL
Verizon DSL operates over copper phone wiring, the building is ready to go for that - if nobody disconnected the phone jack closest to where you want to put your DSL modem/router... The phone jack that you use must be a "POTS" land-line phone jack which connects to the basement. It will not work with a Verizon FiOS-based jack connected to their equipment which is usually installed in the front closet. Nowadays, DSL is essentially considered to be "ancient". It is the least expensive option and is the slowest option (after dial-up). If you will be streaming videos, it is probably not the right choice for you.

Comcast Xfinity (cable)
Comcast coaxial cable has been wired in to every apartment already. Unless the previous tenant had Verizon FiOS and they cut the Comcast cable, you should be ready to go for that. If it was cut, then a Comcast cable installer will need to re-connect it to their wiring in the building hallway.

Verizon FiOS (fiber)
The building itself has been wired for Verizon FiOS (fiber-based). Wiring has been run to each hallway, to outside of each apartment. If an apartment has never had a tenant in it with active Verizon FiOS service before, the apartment will need some wiring done when the first person signs up for it. Generally this takes a Verizon FiOS installer (or two) a few hours to a full day, depending on how the installation goes and what equipment you need. They will install a box (ONT), usually in your front closet, and then connect everything else to that. They will also need to run wire from there to an electrical outlet, typically in a bedroom, and plug in a small rectangular box there.

Which one should I get?
If you are not sure which one you want to get... Purely based on what type of wiring can handle the most data, Verizon DSL's copper wiring (thin copper) has the least capacity, Comcast's coaxial cable (thick copper) has more, and Verizon FiOS' fiber-optic cable has the most. Each company offers varying speeds of service for different amounts of $, though, so that's why everyone's marketing-heavy facts-light commercials are so confusing. Resident Manager Jason is a computer/network engineer, feel free to ask him questions if you have any.

If enough demand is expressed for Caldwell House to provide WiFi to it's tenants, this is something we could possibly do in the future - Resident Manager Jason has done this professionally many times. At this time, we do not offer Internet access for our tenants.

If you have general questions about paying rent online or how and where to send rent payments, or any general billing questions like that, the Resident Managers can answer any of those questions. If you are a current tenant, look at the Pay Rent page on this site or if you moved in recently, in the binder of info left in your apartment when you moved in for more info.

For specific billing questions, including your balance, you need to speak to someone in "Accounts Receivable" at the Affiliated Management office. For contact information, look under Contact Contact Information at the top of this page. The Resident Managers do not handle anything billing related at all after your first payment when you move in.

We are too small of a property for there to be someone "manning the phones" 24/7. Leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible. If we're not elsewhere on the property at the time, you may get a return call 60 seconds later, but you must leave a message first. If you are looking for an apartment, make sure you say so in your message so the correct person returns your call. Include 1 or 2 bedrooms, when you would need to move in, and how many people there would be moving in.

E-mail is the best way to reach the Resident Managers. No matter what day or time it is, if we're home or not, we will respond to e-mail whenever we're available to do so. See the Contact Info page.

No, but the Resident Managers live in the building. If you need to reach them, see Contact Contact Information for more information.

If in doubt, ask the Resident Managers, or Affiliated Management, before they stay here.


Visitors are fine, but there are limits.

Any time someone is house sitting for you or anything like that, please let the Resident Managers know to expect someone they don't know to be there.

Whoever is on the lease for the apartment is 100% responsible for what their visitors do. You must be with them when using any building facilities like the laundry room, garbage or recycling areas outside, etc., they must follow all rules that tenants must follow for this property, and if they cause damage or other issues, the tenant(s) they are staying with will be held responsible for that.

If they are unfamiliar with laws of Caldwell, or Essex County, or New Jersey, or the USA, the tenant(s) must help them with that.

Make sure your visitors know that they can only park in your assigned parking space (while you are elsewhere), or in a public parking location, abiding by signs where appropriate (permit only signs, no street parking 2-6am, etc.). If they park in an assigned space in the parking lot for another apartment, their vehicle may be towed away without warning, especially if the Resident Managers don't know who's vehicle it is, and they will have to pay a hefty fine to get it back from an impound lot.

As this is written, it is unlawful, per Borough of Caldwell code, for anyone above the maximum number of occupants (here - 2 for a 1 bedroom, 4 for a 2 bedroom) to sleep or occupy overnight, an apartment for more than 5 consecutive days, or more than 29 non-consecutive days in a 360 day period. A judge could give you a fine, community service, or even jail time for this.

So, if you want to have your friend from school visit you for a month, ask Affiliated Management about that, before they arrive. See the Contact Info page.


If you want someone to move in with you, let the Resident Managers know, and they can apply just like you did when you moved here. Affiliated Management would then determine if they need to be added to the lease, or complete alternate documentation. After that, no problem, they can move in.

Any roommate not authorized by Affiliated Management is against the rules of the lease and even a girlfriend/wife, boyfriend/husband, it's complicated, significant other, gender-fluid life partner, or family member living with you without permission is potential grounds for eviction - of course everyone would rather them be authorized then have that happen. You can not sub-let (whether you are there or not) to anyone. Also, it is unlawful per Borough of Caldwell code, for any occupant not on file with them to live in the apartment - you could be fined, given community service, or even be imprisoned.

If we know an opening is coming up, we will post it on the Openings page. If it's not listed there, then we don't have it available.

We usually don't know that an apartment will become available any more than a month or two in advance. As the former tenant moves out, details will be added to that page such as the renovations that will be done, the exact date they will be finished as it gets closer, and updated pictures.


From the front of the building, which is at ground level, the ground slopes down as you go to the rear of the building. No matter what floor you're on, you have to walk at least one flight of ~ 6 steps.

Starting from the front door:

  • A floor: Down 1 flight
  • B floor: Up 1 flight
  • C floor: Up 3 flights - 6 steps, landing, 6 steps, landing, 6 steps

The Caldwell House parking lot is a private parking lot. To confirm that info described here about street or public parking lot parking is still current, call the Caldwell Police Department non-emergency phone # at 973-226-2600.

The Caldwell House parking lot

Every apartment has 1 numbered, assigned parking space in our parking lot.

Street parking

Approximately 100 feet from our driveway is the Westover Ave side street. Parking is available there any time except for 2am-6am when you can only park for ½ an hour. This is the case on every street in Caldwell, and most surrounding towns too. Also, you can not park on any snow-covered roadway in Caldwell until it has been cleared. If you would like to purchase a one night street parking permit, contact the Caldwell Police Department at 973-226-2600.

Parking permits

We have an agreement with another property nearby where you can purchase a parking permit to park in their parking lot. There are nights & weekends permits and 24/7 full-time permits. There are a limited number of permits available, contact the Resident Managers for more info and pricing.

Public parking lots

Caldwell also has a number of public parking lots, though none of them are < a 15 minute walk away. You can always take two cars to a public lot, park one in a non-permit space, then come back here.

Caldwell Parking Permits

Caldwell parking permits for specific spaces in the public parking lots do exist, but we're under the impression that they are all already taken and are very hard to come by. Call Borough Hall (973-226-6100) to find out more.

You are allowed to have one or two 100% indoors-only cats.

We are sorry, but dogs are not allowed, no batter the breed, size, or noise level.

For any other pets, contact Affiliated Management to check.

At this time, there is no pet deposit or fee, but you would be required to remove all traces of your pet before moving out. That is, extensive cleaning, ensuring that no future tenant with allergies would be effected by it. If repairs had to be made or a cleaning company had to be hired because you had a pet in the apartment, then those charges would be passed along to you.

If the apartment is on the bottom (A) floor, you would not need to get rugs or carpeting.

If it is on the 2nd (B) or 3rd (C) floor and is not already carpeted (some are), you would need to get area rugs or carpeting.

A "mini" dishwasher is 18 inches wide. A full-sized dishwasher is 24 inches wide. The only difference is the width, the mini one obviously holds less dishes than a full-sized one.

New vinyl windows were installed throughout the building in 2012. They are either double-hung double-pane windows that tilt in for cleaning, or a side-to-side slider, which is usually the type installed in a 2nd (B) or 3rd (C) floor apartment when there is a fire escape outside.

If you see temporary pictures of an apartment on the Openings page showing our old metal windows, the updated pictures posted when the apartment renovations are underway will show the current windows.

If you're thinking of installing curtains over the blinds, this may help to know what sizes to get:

  • 1 or 2 bedroom, living room: 2 double-hung windows together in one window casing: each of the 2 windows has as a 36"W x 48"H mini-blind over it
  • 1 or 2 bedroom, dining room area: 2 double-hung windows together in one window casing: each of the 2 windows has as a 36"W x48"H mini-blind over it
  • 1 bedroom
    • Bedroom on 1st (A) floor: 2 double-hung windows together in one window casing, each of the 2 windows has as a 36"W x 48"H mini-blind over it
    • Bedroom on 2nd (B) or 3rd (C) floor, bedroom: side-to-side slider window: 70"W x 48"H mini-blind
  • 2 bedroom
    • Bedroom with two separate double-hung windows: usually one has a 35"W x 48"H mini-blind and the other (fire escape) has a 35 or 36"W x 60"H mini-blind
    • Bedroom with double window: 2 double-hung windows together in one window casing: each of the 2 windows has as a 36"W x48"H mini-blind over it
  • Bathroom window - of course you do not want to put curtains in a bathroom, but FYI: the window is frosted and does not need a window covering

The blinds fit inside the window opening, your curtains would probably be hung from the wall above, so it covers the entire window opening.

As of May 12, 2014, verified by e-mail with the school district:

More info:

Renter's insurance is not required, but it is highly recommended.

If you do end up renting an apartment here, ask the Resident Managers for more information about renter's insurance.

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