If it's medical, criminal or fire related, Call 911

This is the "Caldwell House" apartment building
Address: 527 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell

If emergency personnel need to reach us, they can either try 00 on the intercom or if after 10pm or before 8am, have them call the emergency # which you can find on our answering machine message.

If not 911 worthy, but it is an emergency, contact the Resident Managers.
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Future emergency info



If you see fire or smoke in or outside of the building, if you fear for your safety, if you need an ambulance, or anything like that, call 911 immediately. Make sure you tell them that you are located at the Caldwell House apartment building, which is at 527 Bloomfield Ave in Caldwell. Then call us so we are aware of it.

Fire alarm

If you are in your apartment and you hear the incredibly loud building fire alarm going off, go outside until the fire department gives the all clear. If they don't arrive shortly, contact us from the front door intercom or call 911 from outside. No cell phone, use the phone at 7-Eleven or another local business (Midas, Pep Boys)...


If you smell gas, open your windows and try contacting the Resident Managers. We can re-light your pilot light(s) (if your range has pilot lights), shut off the gas in your apartment, etc. If you can't reach us, contact PSE&G at 800-436-7734.

Power outage

See our FAQ page for info about what to do in a power outage. This would only be an emergency situation if you have medication that needs to be refrigerated or something like that.

Plumbing emergency

If a pipe bursts in your apartment, your bathtub, toilet, or sink backs up so badly that you can't fix it with your plunger, contact us. We have plungers and snakes and all that, and if we can't fix it, we will contact plumbers, sewer/drain company, or whatever is relevant. ...and we can shut off the water, we have mops, a wet vac, etc.


If the fire alarm goes off and you have a cat, best thing to do would probably be to put your cat in a carrier, then leave your cat in your car (with a window cracked or A/C turned on) until we get the all clear. If possible, it's a good idea to keep a bag of food and other cat supplies somewhere in your apartment in case of emergency.

If there is a fire, we will notify the fire department of every apartment that we are aware of that has a cat.

If your cat or other approved pet is having an emergency situation and needs veterinary care, but your regular vet is closed:

Other pet-related emergency resources:

Contacting us in an emergency

To contact the Resident Managers in a genuine emergency, or whoever is on call if they are away:

  1. If you are outside, hit 00 on the front door intercom to call us, if you get voicemail, do leave a detailed message
  2. If inside or #1 didn't work, call the regular number 973-403-2682, the emergency number is on the outgoing message
  3. If you are unable to reach anybody that way either, after waiting a reasonable amount of time (depends on the emergency), call Affiliated Management at 973-992-1555. The office is open M-F 9-5, and there is an answering service off-hours. There is always someone on call.
    Just make sure you try us first, the first thing they would do is try to reach us.

There is always someone on call 24/7/365, but there may be moments where we are driving, or have no signal temporarily, or something like that...

What is considered a building emergency?

Only call our emergency number in an actual emergency. Not an inconvenience, but an outright emergency.

If you call that number, you will reach whoever is on call, and you will be pulling them out of their day-job, getting them out of bed, or whatever they are doing at the time. If it is not an emergency worthy of that, call the regular number and leave a message or e-mail us. If it is worthy of that, call the emergency number, which is on the outgoing message of our answering machine.

IncidentIs it an emergency?
"...well, it's not really an emergency, but..."No
Police/fire/EMTs are in your apartmentYes
See fire or smokeYes
Building fire alarm is going offYes
Smell natural gasYes
Significant, active leak under sink or behind toiletYes
Backed up sink/tub/toilet going on to floorYes
Backed up sink/tub not going on to floorNo
Backed up toilet not going on to floorYes, if you have to go
Backed up sink/tub/toilet when you were not using itYes
No hot waterYes
Neighbor's smoke/CO detector is going off, not homeYes
No heat (...in the winter)Yes
Water coming out of ceiling/wallYes
Elderly neighbor fellYes
Something else is happening that will cause damage to the apartmentYes
Neighbor has a DJ with 30 guests at 4amYes-ish, but call PD non-emergency
Shower/faucet slow dripNo
Locked yourself out of your apartmentNo
Someone parked in your spaceNo
You want to notify us that you have a loaner carNo
You need someone else's phone numberNo
You have a miscellaneous questionNo

Emergency items

Some recommended emergency-related items to get for your apartment now, before an emergency happens and you need them

Emergency resources


We generally don't get tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes here. When we do they are infrequent and they are usually not very severe. In the in the unlikely event of a natural disaster or terrorist event effecting the Northern New Jersey area, refer to the following resources. See "Emergency resources" above for additional contact info.

The NJ Parkway is a north-south evacuation route, but in many cases, you would want to take 46 West to 80 West if you had to leave New Jersey and stay away from New York City. ...or 280 West to 80 West.